The PILLARS program centers on the seven essential foundations of event production. Each pillar unpacks all the good stuff we’ve gleaned from more than 40 years of experience creating dozens of companies and generating over $250 million in revenue. It’s time to share it all with the next generation of production leaders, because good bones mean good business.

Our mission is to empower PILLARS attendees to perfect their production capabilities within the special events industry. We exist to be the ultimate source in mastering special event production to offer new, aspiring, and experienced event professionals a clear foundation toward success.

Hiring & Training

Exploring the key steps to building your team including finding the right fit, onboarding, and implementing training plans based on your current scope of work and your growth strategy.


Making sure that the visions you create are executed in a way that is successful and profitable from all aspects of the production including costs, labor, risk, environment, and design concept execution.


Implementing a daily workflow of teams in front of house, back of house, and support positions. Creating standard operating procedures and workflow processes with your team to save time, money, and effort.

Tech & Toolbox

Understanding the technology, tools, and systems available to help in daily workflow, team support, event production, and inventory management.

Production Partners

Speaking each vendor’s language is a key foundation to working with an array of experts in their field. By understanding how to work with each unique vendor type, one can create a strong network of partners who help each other create successful events and businesses.


Understanding that a bedrock for all businesses is communicating efficiently with clients, partners, vendors, and internal teams. Streamlining communication and setting boundaries to protect and grow your business.

Financial Management

Growing a financially healthy business begins with a foundation of understanding income, expenses, and taxes. Strategic planning for growth and constant proactive analysis are crucial.

Competition happens at the bottom. The people at the top are collaborating.

Surround yourself with people who share similar values, mindsets, and goals.