10 out of 10. Perfect score for PILLARS. We could have spent all day discussing tents, safety, and water management with Skyline Tent Company.

Heather Thomas Heather Lily

The business is all about continuing education. We think Christina, Julian and Colin's heads might explode from all the great information they gained at PILLARS.

David Beahm David Beahm Experiences

One year into switching industries, I was fortunate enough to attend the most informative, engaging, and relevant conference of the luxury event industry, PILLARS. I cannot wait to implement all that I've learned with our Anna Lucia Events team!

Jordan Fisher Anna Lucia Events

The program you all have created provided invaluable information and I'm so thrilled to take it all back to the Augusta Cole team. I not only enjoyed the talks and breakouts, but the remarkable list of attendees you all assembled. I'm so looking forward to seeing how PILLARS continues on in the years ahead!

Colette Macari Augusta Cole

This truly has been the best education experience I've had after spending around $100,000+ in the last 8 years invested in conferences, online courses, masterminds, coaching, and more!

Cam Petty Render Events

If you want to know more and level up your knowledge of all things event production, you MUST attend PILLARS. Learn from the experience of our incredible peers and colleagues in the business.

Brian Watson Myrtie Blue

PILLARS provided a field guide with hundreds of pages of SOPs on how they run their event business. I feel like I got 20 years of experience in 2 days!

Torie Gamez Events by Design

Thank you, PILLARS, for creating an environment where event professionals can thrive and grow. Your dedication to curating top-notch content has set a new industry standard.

Kelley O'Brien Kelley O'Brien Events

I think for an executive or management personnel, coming to this event is actually critical. I don't care how many years you've been in this business. You're going to learn things here and you're going to want to run directly home to plug holes that you didn't even know existed.

Lance Emmanuel Birch Event Design

PILLARS is imperative to the special event industry right now. We are an actively growing community, with growing events, and more complex demands from our clients. What PILLARS is helping us do is level up everyone's game. Making the dialogue and the language between us all accessible to everyone so we can be the best possible professionals out there.

Christina Matteucci Professional Provacatrice & Executive Director, David Beahm Experiences