Wow, this "masterclass" was an absolute game-changer for my company! I can't believe how much practical information we soaked up in just two days - it's like we fast-forwarded a whole decade. The moment I walked back into the office, I was already diving into implementing the SOP's and applications I picked up during the conference.

Inaugural PILLARS Attendee

It feels good to know you're not alone. It's so amazing to hear people like Todd share learned experiences from past mistakes and how they improved their business. Listening and learning from them will allow you to save so much time and energy because now you are able to avoid those challenges.

Cathy Hodges Founder, Increased Orbit

This is almost like you're going back to college and someone is putting this on paper for you to really lead your business.

Monique Boyd Legends Hospitality - The Star

PILLARS is fun! We have put a framework together here of how to better communicate with each other at an industry level. We are all interacting with each other and with our clients, but we're not all speaking the same language. Until now, there has been no framework in place. It's going to help everybody speak a language and standardize communication that will be much more effective for all and the bottom line.

John Hingeley Founder, Skyline Tent Company

I believe this conference, this opportunity, even just in one day, has enabled people to either process through how to start new processes or start something they wanted to start. It's really inspiring and I really appreciate what was created here.

Nathan Johnson GRO Floral & Event Design

PILLARS is imperative to the special event industry right now. We are an actively growing community, with growing events, and more complex demands from our clients. What PILLARS is helping us do is level up everyone's game. Making the dialogue and the language between us all accessible to everyone so we can be the best possible professionals out there.

Christina Matteucci Professional Provacatrice & Executive Director, David Beahm Experiences

This is so useful for planners because they work with production vendors the most. Clients will get the best experience when their planners are able to discuss detailed items with their vendors as well as advocating for their client by giving them the best experience possible.

Liz Curlin Party! Dallas

PILLARS has opened my eyes beyond risk management, I now understand the creative process and pitching your ideas. It has given me a deeper understanding of all of the elements that go into an event for my clients who are planners. I was not aware of how many intricate parts were needed for planners to book and make these gigs happen and now I get to witness it.

Andrew Leavitt Founder, Ironic Reports

I think for an executive or management personnel, coming to this event is actually critical. I don't care how many years you've been in this business. You're going to learn things here and you're going to want to run directly home to plug holes that you didn't even know existed.

Lance Emanuel Birch Event Design

What a fantastic group of people collaborating to rise to the top. It's refreshing to see leading industry experts sharing for the sake of enrichment of their industry as a collective. Every person in the room each day was exchanging and growing. A true level up mindset.

Sabrina Dee Founder, The Altars